Breathe God


Acts 17:28 “In Him we move and breathe and have our being.”

We cannot hear God’s still, small voice
unless we ourselves are quiet.

To be in Christ we must find stillness
and meditate with him daily.

We must find space in ourselves
to let God in.

Surrender. Exhale. Make space.
Create space for God
and breathe him in.

No-one puts children in a boat

“No-one puts children in a boat, unless the water is safer than the land”(1)
No-one risks their own child’s life.  Is this so hard to understand?

Can you imagine what it takes, to make the choice to flee?
When the life you know is blown apart, and you face the perilous sea?

When the hand of the tiny child you grip, seems slippery in your own?
Cries “too tight , you are hurting me!”,  but you will not let it go.

This tiny life, this enormous love, that trusts in you to know,
What’s right to do, when’s right to leave, and where on this earth to go?

Can you imagine?

(1)  Benedict Cumberbatch 


Pray For Paris

May we all be aware of the desire for peace

In East and West, in North and South.

May peace abide among us, in every heart

In people, communities, and in nations.

This is our earnest prayer.

May peace be unto all!



Time to step outside of linear time
Time that fools allow to trap their minds
Thinking time a path, when it’s a sphere
Of spheres, within and without
And around and around and all about
Flowing in all directions
turning in and back on itself.
For time is light
Composed of photons
Being created eternally
Everything occurs at everywhen
But we imperfect creatures
cannot experience it all at once
We cannot cope,
so we view, at light speed only
Oh, so very slow.


Exit the roundabout

If you keep saying “I’m right”, “I’m right”, “I’m right”, you end up in an endless circle.

Like being on a roundabout that you just can’t get off.

The worries, hurts and troubles of life cycle around, but remain the same.

At some point you must break the cycle.

You must choose the “sinister” left.

Sinister is only an impression in your mind. It may be real or unreal.

We call it sinister because we feel it is ominous, and our minds anticipate bad results.

It’s a risk.

But if you want to get off the roundabout, you must go left at some time.  You must choose the sinister and see what happens.

The journey must go on.



Sneaky Devil!

Sneaky Devil!

Once more again, again, again
Warning! Attack reigns down!
Pernicious danger, hard to see!
Protection needed! Raise alarm!

The devil tries again to confound us,
He muddles and messes, behind the scenes
stealth is his weapon, gossip his tear gas
Sneaky devil! Sneaky means.

Corrupting good, weakening valour
leaching hope, inspiring spite,
voicing resent, voicing the boast
Snickering in his own delight

Tunnelling under the walls of trust
undermining what we thought solid
worming into self-serving egos
In darkest places, being squalid.

Yet, like old Job, we should be happy!
The devil would not waste his time
If our Godly work did not upset him.
For “If I err, the error is mine.”

Can we unite against the devil?
Or can we really only see
his work as it is done through people
and fight the people, and give him glee?

We readily see God in people
whenever we look to see the good,
Yet see only people in unkind people
Oh, the devil’s work is misunderstood!

You sneaky devil! I’ll not let you!
I’ll shine a light; expose the Truth!
You shall NOT undermine our goodness!
I’m telling on you! Expect reproof!

sneaky devil copy

Mental Health week thoughts

I smile a lot when I am depressed

My cheeks ache with exertion

I do it so that you won’t see

– My smile’s a diversion

I don’t want anyone’s attention

I know you cannot help me

I’m trapped inside my world of sad

I can’t escape from me

And so I smile and often laugh

Not wanting you to know

I feel a pain I can’t express

That has nowhere to go.

Just be my friend and understand

For help, I’ll never ask

But you can remind me now and then

That this too soon shall pass

Pat my hand and say you care

A hug works wonders too

Hold me tight and say a prayer

… I’ll do the same for you.