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December 26 – St Stephen’s Day

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The Second Day of Christmas is December 26.
The feast of St Stephen, a traditional day for giving boxes of leftovers to the poor, resulting in the later name “Boxing Day”. Stephen was a disciple of Jesus known for his emphasis on generosity to the needy. He was the first Christian martyr. Stephen was stoned to death for publicly declaring that Jesus was “standing at the right hand of God”.

Breathe God


Acts 17:28 “In Him we move and breathe and have our being.”

We cannot hear God’s still, small voice
unless we ourselves are quiet.

To be in Christ we must find stillness
and meditate with him daily.

We must find space in ourselves
to let God in.

Surrender. Exhale. Make space.
Create space for God
and breathe him in.

Be the Goodness

There is goodness in every heart – I have seen it.
The world is not the way the media would have us believe.

We do not need to live in fear.
Choose not to!

Choose to see the loving hearts that make the world a better place.

See the people who care for each other without expecting a reward.
Notice your fellow travellers.
Glimpse the beauty and the courage in every soul.
See the goodness of this world.

Be the goodness of this world.


What is Faith?


noun – complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

When we  say we have “faith” it does not mean that we believe without proof.  It means we trust.

We trust God because of what we have learnt of God. We “believe in” God, not in a sense of wishful thinking, but because we trust that God is good and cares for us.