The Panic of Lost Things

I had it a moment ago and now it’s gone!

Am I mad? Am I blind?  What’s going on?

Surely “What is hidden will be seen”

Or so it says in Luke eight seventeen,

So why then do  I panic and call it  “lost”?

And invest turgid emotion – to my cost.

When I know that everything will come out right,

And every missing thing, be brought to light.

For everyone who asks (we know) receives

And the one who seeks finds always what she needs.

So even though you knock upon the door

Until knuckles seem intolerably sore

It will be opened to you, if you stay calm.

No need to panic or to feel alarm.

The sage advice is to retrace your steps,

Whether missing concepts, people or objects.

Go back to where you were when last you saw

And gain a new perspective of that door.

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