Emajain is a collection of thoughts, prayers, stories, poems and other resources and ideas that I collect, write or compile along my spiritual journey. Nothing here is a finished product – just like me – and it is all subject to change – just like me .

If the you of five years ago doesn’t consider the you of today
a heretic, you are not growing spiritually
~ Thomas Merton

If you would  like to comment on anything here, please do.

Anything you find here you are most welcome to use.

Gosh, I’d like some feedback 🙂

I admit, I’m a little shy about sharing this with the whole wide world, but chatting to my dear friend Libby has made me realise that, on the one hand I’m thinking “who on earth would be interested in my self-absorbed ramblings”, but on the other hand, when I think of the seemingly casual comments that have transformed my own life at times and made me think more deeply about my relationship with God, well, who knows?

Maybe someone, somewhere, will find something in my words that touches their own heart.

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