Oh God, why is it so easy to criticise?
To see the faults in others
and find them irritating
even impossible?

And why is it so hard
to see the good in some?
To see past a rampant ego
to the fragile soul it is protecting?

For defenses are never pretty.
They are not meant to encourage us
to want to venture inside.
They are prickly, spiky things,
hard and topped with boiling oil
designed to repel.

So often I need help
to see past the defenses
to the delicate treasures inside.
For often the strongest battlements
hide the most fragile hearts.

5 thoughts on “Battlements”

  1. I’d very much like to link to your wonderful work here. Please contact me and let me know if that is approved.
    I am greatly enjoying your inspired writings and beautiful prayers.

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