The day of monitoring

It was horrible!

The nurse who fitted me up and explained the equipment was lovely and so patient, but the wretched machine kept giving error readings at first and even after I was home I had to go back again.

Two hours of fiddling and it was finally correctly set.  I could read the result each time the cuff inflated and although she told me not to, I was too curious.

Impossible to work so, despite the heat, we went to the hardware store and got some bits and pieces for the garden, then spent most of the day outside gardening.

The cuff puffed up every twenty minutes and when it did I tired to stay still, but there were a lot of error readings necessitating the cuff to re-inflate to torturous constriction.

The readings were really strange.  Anything from 150ish over 70ish down as low as 112 over 45.
I was reassured that at no point was my diastolic reading in the 90s as it had been at my doctor’s appointment, but it was certainly all over the place.
I recorded many of the readings and my reckoning of an average was 142 over 55.
Now I am a bit freaked out because the diastolic seems too low and Dr Google says this is cause for concern.

Night time was awful.  Although the cuff inflated less often it woke me up every time.

By the next morning when I went back to have it removed my arm was quite bruised.

Now I must wait until Tuesday for results.

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