A walking chant to get me up the hill

I can never remember the Breastplate of St Patrick so I hope he will forgive me for inventing my own.

As I walk up (it is usually up) a particularly difficult hill I have begun reciting this chant to get me to the top.

I begin by focusing on God’s love and imagining how much he wants me to succeed in my quest for fitness and in restoring his creation to good working order.

I imagine his love flowing over, around and through me and I use small hand gestures (so as not to alarm any observer) as I recite:

God above me (arms up)
God beneath me (stretch arms down)
God to left of me (arms left)
God to the right of me (arms right)
God behind me (arms back)
God before me (arms forward)
God to comfort (hug myself)
and restore me (arms spread in gesture of release)


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