Sea, Sand and Sun

I had a glorious day at the beach with my daughter-in-law and 3 grandsons today.

I felt so healthy and alive as we splashed in the water, played beach cricket, built sand castles and walked through the sea.

I still look more like a beach tent that a bathing beauty, but I didn’t care.  I wore my new purple dress and it billowed about me.

I realised that for many years now I have avoided going to the beach because of my size and feeling embarrassed; not to mention feeling constantly unwell in the hot sun.  So it is extraordinary to be  able to cavort about in the shallows and thoroughly enjoy it, without a thought for my health all day.

Feeling very blessed!

A couple of naughties that I am forgiving myself for – a Hungry Jacks Veggie Burger (468 cals) and half a choc ice (150 cals).

Only downside, the backs of my legs are sunburnt.  I don’t know how the sunscreen missed there.

This was just the motivational boost I needed.
I want to be well, healthy and active for my grandsons.
I want to be able to go to special places with them and not be a tiresome old burden who has to sit in the shade and moan.

I will be!!!!

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