Good news and bad news

The results of my glucose tolerance test were good and bad.

The good news is that I am not diabetic.
The bad news is that I have “insulin insufficiency” or am “insulin resistant” which means my body produces insulin but does not use it effectively and glucose builds up in the blood instead of being absorbed by the cells. So I have a scary pill regime to follow now.
It’s called Metformin and I have to take it daily.
Apparently I have probably been insulin resistant since my 20s!

Hmm?  Not happy.

The good news is that my BP is staying in the 140s over 80s range and that it seems it will go down as I lose more weight and get fitter.

The extraordinary news is that  I have already shed 6kgs!
Just another 35-40kgs to go then – oh dear 🙁

I really didn’t want to start taking the Metformin. I feels like defeat.
But my doctor says we can reassess it when my weight is normal and see if I can come off it then.
Meanwhile, I’ll just treat it like a supplement and try not to worry about it, but I do so hate taking drugs.

The other good news about Metformin is that it helps with weight loss, so that makes me happy.

In fact, the insulin resistance problem may have been a contributing factor in my weight gain over decades. Possibly once it is normalised my entire metabolism will be in better shape.

So I am treating this, not as a drug I need forever, but perhaps a drug I will need until I am within a normal weight range and super-dooper fit.


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