It’s not so bad

2.3kms today and it was easy. I didn’t have to pause even once going up any of the hills.

If anyone had told me a month ago I’d be feeling this good I would not have believed them.

I wonder if I am losing weight? I wonder if the no scales idea was sensible of not. Now I am kind of wishing I knew.

I feel slimmer and one or two nice people have mentioned that I look like I have lost weight, but I really don’t know.   I am so fat that I seriously doubt losing 10 kilograms would be that noticeable.
I habitually wear very baggy clothing so I can’t judge that  my waistlines feel looser as I avoid clothing with things called waistlines.

Well, whatever the weight is up to, the exercising is going really well and to my surprise I really enjoyed my walk tonight.

That is real progress.


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